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PDF for Sugar

PDF for Sugar offers a solution that allows non-technical users to add buttons to SugarCRM data views. These buttons pull data from the current record and populate PDF forms automatically.

FormRouter.Net (Collect Online Form Data Into SugarCRM)

FormRouter.NET is a complete form hosting and retrieval service that enables you to create, host and retrieve online form responses without programming to popular databases.

Online Databases Supported:
- SugarCRM, SharePoint, SalesForce, SuiteCRM, Windows Azure SQL

Desktop Databases Supported:

- Microsoft Access
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Microsoft Outlook
- Lotus Notes/Domino
- OpenOffice Calc
- ODBC (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, FileMaker and more...)
- Text

Form Formats Supported:

- HTML (Web)
- Adobe® PDF®
- Microsoft® Excel (with a plugin we offer)
- Microsoft Word (with a plugin we offer)

Note: Our goal is to continue to improve and expand the number of form formats we support, so that your FormRouter account will continue to be as flexible and powerful as possible.

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